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Can we journal ourselves out of negative thoughts and feelings?

If you feel burdened by intrusive or painful thoughts, or are prone to negative spiralling, writing things down can help clear space in your head. Doing 'automatic writing' regularly, may well shock you into realising how much time you’re wasting on things you can't change or haven't even happened.

Let's face it - worrying or obsessing about things does not help! Maybe after days of repeating the same worries and expressing the same painful feelings, you'll reach a point when you declare, "I must fix this, or forget it." Expressing our fears and pain and anxieties, rather than internalising them can help shrink them somehow. A problem shared, and all that.

Many also seek help from a therapist when they reach the point of knowing something has to change. Happiness and peace is available to all (even in the most extreme life situations). And remember; you do not need to be defined by your story!

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